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Nov. 4th, 2008

Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

(no subject)

Now that I am a full-grown, job-seeking adult, this journal is going to be friends only.

But feel free to friend me!
Twelfth Night

Maybe? Just maybe?

Last week, I went to Jones County to apply for jobs. They still, amazingly, have paper applications. I've always loved paper applications, unless, of course, they ask for information you don't know or that you have already provided on your resume. I may just get another one and fill it all out and forget the resume. Or I may not submit the application at all...

because today I went to Houston County...

... The principal at Thomas Middle School, formerly Bonaire (I think), gave the the number to the Houston HR department, who told me that there was going to be an opening at Warner Robins High. I went there to talk to the principal and he was very encouraging. He even told me not to apply anywhere else, because he was going to call me next week to arrange a formal interview with the assistant principal and department head. Scary, eh? I'm scared and excited.

I'm not going to put all my eggs in that basket, of course. On my way home tomorrow, I'm going to stop in Forsyth and see what I can put in up there. But hopefully... *crosses fingers*

Oh, and I wasn't allowed to vote. I already changed my address and didn't register in Macon, therefore I FAIL.

I'm also kinda hungry.

Oct. 17th, 2008

Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

Job hunting = fail

It is TIME! Time to pursue the long-awaited job of my life, TEACHING. On there are no positions available in Bibb or any of the surrounding counties for a high school English or middle school Language Arts teacher. None. Nada. Zilch. And to add insult to injury, there are five positions open in the metro-Atlanta area: Cobb, Clayton, Fulton, Rockdale, and Douglas.

The problem is, if I leave Macon, it's not like I can take Elijah with me. His free time is restricted to about ... nothing, until he gets a new job. So I am in a proverbial pickle, because I really like my relationship. I have a good thing going down here, so I don't want to run off back to Mom and Dad's like it's easy. I'm going to have to work around both the job problem and the relationship, meaning that I can live in Cobb during the week and Macon on the weekends, or something like that, until the semester is over. How long do you think that will last? I can pull it off, if I really want it.

So... advice?

Oct. 13th, 2008


About time...

...for another update. Sorry I've fallen off the face of the Earth since getting out and on my own, but that's the way it often goes. My job, I've decided, is the retail equivalent of watching paint dry at ten dollars an hour. Fortunately, I'm going on to bigger and brighter things, hopefully. I'm going to revamp my resume tonight, so I can tour around and hand it to principals. I need to get a job by December first so that I can get all the internship stuff cleared away with Mercer. I'm hoping to get placed at Howard High School, which is the new high school and, according to Lyn and Ed, need a few more English teachers.

Class is going brillantly. I'm already done with EVERYTHING, which isn't due until Thanksgiving. Well, almost everything. I have everything down in one form or another, which does not necessarily mean it is in the form it needs to be. The point is is that when it comes time to actually have the assignment done, it will take the minimal effort. The hardest thing will be finding out how to upload it to LiveText.

Elijah and I are soon going to be celebrating six months. I didn't realize this until Lyn said that she and Clifford have their six months' next weeks. "That means that ours' is ... the week after?" It doesn't feel like it. He and I go through phases. Things are tense for a few days, then we have an explosive fight, then it's good for a few weeks. I really want him to meet Brian, so they can feel each other out. Brian's opinion, sad to say, is really important to my relationships. In fact, it was partly because of some things Brian had said that triggered my break-up with Marc. So I want to see how they get along. I speculate that Brian will hate him, simply because they are so much alike personality-wise: Very talented and very obstinant.

I'm not going to renew my lease. I hate my real-estate agency and even though I love my house, there are too many problems that I can't take care of, like ancient, ineffectual appliances, no insulation, and nothing to keep the roaches out. I have until May to find a new place. Before that, it would cose $900 to break my lease.

I think that's just about everything there is to talk about ...

Sep. 25th, 2008


(no subject)

"El Orphanto" was awesome.

I want to see "Quarantine."

That's about it...

Sep. 6th, 2008

Leave Me Alone

Bad Week Blues

I really do need to post more often...

This week was a bad week. When bad stuff wasn't happening, the week wasn't happening, so somehow it went from being Wednesday to Friday without explanation.

I consider the bad week to have started last Friday - last Saturday, actually, around three a.m. when Elijah and I got off from work late (I go over to Papa John's to help him close in attempt to get him home earlier). I went on a few rides with him when he ran out of gas and we switched cars, leaving his at the end of Magnolia Street. We got into a fight right before he got off because he was missing his friend's bachelor party thing and it made him particularly irritable. He went to his car once we got home to get something, then came inside for about twenty minutes, then went back out without telling me where he was going. I was so pissed at that that I sent him a text saying how hurt I was and being snide in general. I didn't get it, but he sent me a text back explaining that he was at his car ... I didn't realize anything was amiss until he came upstairs and said in an amazingly pathetic voice that his car had been broken into and they got EVERYTHING: laptop + bag, camera + film, spare phone, portable CD player, his tattered leather jacket, second wallet with spare license and credit cards, ten unchecked lotto tickets, two cans of tobacco, one bag of corn chips, and a bag of muscadines he had picked for me. What they DIDN'T get was his gun (THANK GOD), which he had on him at the time, any of the stuff in the trunk, and the fifteen carat engagement ring in the glove compartment (because it's jammed and has to be opened a special way).

I was in tears, at the moment taking it harder than he was, because I had been harsh, we were both running on next to no sleep, it had been a stressful night, and we both seem to have a heightened sensitivity to injustice (in general, not just towards us). Not to mention a lot of the stuff on the computer hadn't been backed up (his writing, pictures) and there were a lot of important pictures on the film in the camera, AND that camera was his livelihood (whenever I mention that they took the camera, his friends' jaws drop). Elijah was extra upset because they had been petty, too. They got the muscadines, tobacco, and chips, but they didn't take the camera's tripod, an air tank (to pump his mother's tires), or a two dollar bill.

We're figuring that someone had passed the car in the daylight or someone who knew Elijah vaguely had marked the car or tipped someone off, because there was another car of the same model and colour down on Cherry Street that had been busted into. When he first called the police, the dispatcher thought he was calling in the same bust for a second time, it was that similar. So we're keeping out eyes out (much luck that will do). Fortunately! the cops picked up some fingerprints from the roof of the car, so if anyone is brought in or has been brought in, they can make the connection. At the moment, Elijah just wants the stuff back, especially the camera. He also wants to shoot the man that busted his window, but that's expected. I want him off the street, because he's just one more part of a disease plaguing this city. We're trying a couple of things to catch him, like keeping the Sprint cellphone service, because Sprints don't use SIM cards and the phones can't be transferred without a Sprint store. He's not cancelling his other credit cards yet, either, so we can do some triangulation work. We also had the good news of the window being covered by insurance, as well as the laptop because he has some kinda of credit insurance on his Best Buy card (unfortunately the camera and its super lens was bought with cash...).

So I'm trying to keep my hopes up that all will work out and this guy will get his come-uppance.

Or perhaps he already has ... over nine people have died in Macon this week due to a gang war cause by some coward at a poker game or something. This fact, as well as the break-in, has left me jumpy and paranoid. I'm not too paranoid to walk downtown for the Golden Bough concerts or First Friday, but it's made me extra afraid for my car. I've spoken to three people who have also had their cars busted into downtown (all on Friday nights!), so I'm taking extra precautions to make my car as untempting as possible. I'm also going to try to arrange a Magnolia Street Security force, which is basically an excuse to party where people in the four houses at the end of the street open their porches to guests from eleven to two a.m.

In other news this week, I did not get my electric bill last month thanks to the post man being incompetent and putting it in my neighbour's box. This month I have to pay that, this month's, and the deposit (which will be waived if I pay the months' bills in full). I'm going to call tomorrow and see if that waiver is done by redemption or if I can just exclude it from the check, because if it's not excluded, I can't afford it.

So, all in all, this week has been so stressful. The stress is taking away from sleep and adding to arguments that shouldn't be happening, and making life altogether miserable.

Fortunately, there's King Henry. (If you don't know King Henry, you obviously don't live in Macon.) All that matters at this point is that we are alive. If you have that, you have nothing to complain about.

So I am alive. All is well.

Aug. 10th, 2008

Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

A box unburied

This is a call for letters. Write me:

949 Magnolia Street
Suite B
Macon, GA 31201-6713

I was going through my stuff, because Mom and Dad may be coming soon. This will be the first time Mom has seen the inside of my apartment, so I want it to look fairly moved-in. I found a box that I have had and been aware of, yet never re-discovered. Adrienne (actually, I think her mom) made it and I kept/keep my letters in it. I threw away all my letters from high school, I think. One should never throw away letters, but I am prone to being a pack rat. All of the letters in this box came in the mail, in envelopes. It reminded me of all the responses I got last time I made a call for letters, my freshman year. I have several from Adam, Jenny Clark (who fell off the face of the planet), a couple from Jesse, and one from Meiya in Iraq. Several from Mom, Dad, Marc, Christmas and birthday cards, and one from Freki, which was the most surprising in its little way. So I'm calling for letters again. Don't tell me you're sending it. Just send it.

You know, I could swear I kept several letters from high school. Those from Adam, Adrienne, and Marc, the most important at the time. I threw away the ones that said nothing significant or from people I don't talk to anymore (many regretfully). They are in a navy blue shoe box. I have no idea where it is.

Aug. 6th, 2008


I'm 23 now!

I've always believed that 23 was the perfect age because you can do anything except rent a car or be president and you're old enough to be taken seriously, but young enough not to have to be serious. I didn't expect to sum it up that well, but it came out wonderfully.

I drove up last night from Macon, right after work. The plan was to get ice cream with the Hutleys in the morning/noon-ish, since Sam and Jen are going back to California today and it just may well be the last time I ever see them again. I don't want it to be the last time I see Sam, since I love her very much, but that may be the way it goes. Elijah was supposed to come to my parents' house at 2:00-ish and we were going to have a BBQ on my dad's new grill. I wanted to keep it small and family-oriented. None of that really happened, and my birthday risked being, yet again, another bad birthday.

It wasn't bad; it was quite good. I didn't get ice cream, but we had an ice cream cake. After that I kidnapped Sam and we went to visit Campbell so I could get some teaching advice from my old favourites. I think Dr. Terricin is trying to court me or something. He says that he thinks about me a lot and that I should come around more often. Scary. I hung out with Mr. Bayne the most and the Moose the least, which is probably the way it should be. After that it was around 3:00 and Mom was at the store getting the cookout supplied and Elijah had not called or showed up yet. I dropped Sam off and went home and took a nap. I had a crazy dream about going to see/being in The Dark Knight, even though I haven't seen it yet (that is getting fixed tomorrow with Seth) and Brandi woke me up to tell me that Elijah was in the front yard messing around the trees. He was picking a bunch of ornamental apples and gave me some to eat.

Everyone got back at around the same time, so we started from there. Grandmom came, as well as Brandi and Branson, but Brian had to work, which sucked because I ended up not seeing him at all. I wanted to go see my Uncle Bub, but Grandmom reminded me that tomorrow is his dialysis day, so that is out of the question. Dinner was great. We had Bubba burgers with the onions in them, fruit bowls, and really awesome cake from ... some bakery in the Smyrna Square. McKenzie's or something like that. We talked about inoculations and immunizations and stuff like that, I got to show Elijah off as well as embarrass him terribly. I think he made a good impression. He was amazing with Branson which made me equally nervous and giddy.

All in all, it was great. Seth called me after everything had wound down and we arranged to go to the movies. I wished Brian could come, but his schedule is all messed up because of his work hours. Poo.

As for other aspects of my life, I just got registered for my last class before teaching. Work is still a great but boring job where I feel ineffectual. Elijah is amazing in too many ways. I'm working on lesson plans because I'm so bored at work, even though I don't start teaching until January and the ninth grade curriculum may not even be the same.

OH! I should tell you about one of my unit plans. As most of you know, in ninth grade, we are supposed to have read "Lord of the Flies." Whether you did or not is your problem. :P But I assumed it was the same way, so I made plans for it. I didn't remember reading it in lit, but apparently I did, at least most of it. I just read it again, if that is the case (I'm reading or re-reading most curriculum books).
My hook, the opening lesson, is going to be to describe what you would write if you were to write a piece entitled "Lord of the Flies," since it is such an interesting and ambiguous title. I don't want them to write the piece, but only write what comes to mind, to describe it briefly.
My closing lesson, the one right before the unit test, is going to be a trial. Yes, a TRIAL. I am going to put Ralph, Jack, and Roger on trial. Each will have two lawyers, a psychiatrist (maybe), and then I will have a full jury. The lawyers will present their cases using the psychiatrists as witnesses and then the jury will have a Socratic seminar in order to determine who is guilty of what and how they should be punished. I thought it sounded awesome and the students should have fun with it. I might even have some students play the press and hype it up with scandalous articles and such.

A lot of people have shown interest in it so I thought you would be also. Feedback is great ^_^

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes via whatever means you did. It was great after all!

Jul. 25th, 2008


Strange night

Tonight is full of funny coincidences concerning my DVDs. I finally got NetFlix and rented "Mary Reilly" which is directed by Stephen Frears. I just put it on. Before putting it on, I watched "Mrs. Henderson Presents" which I love, and is directed by Stephen Frears. I didn't know that. When I put it away, it went between "Mrs. Brown," which stars Judi Dench - the said Mrs. Henderson - and "Moulin Rouge." "Moulin" = "Windmill"

Cool, eh?

Jul. 16th, 2008


(no subject)

NM Police: Man's Death Similar To CSI Plot Line
Katherine Blake

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 News) ― Police thought it was murder, but now investigators believe a North Texas businessman killed himself and made it look like a homicide.

Police say the incident is almost identical to an episode of C.S.I. entitled "Home Bodies." However, they can't prove that Thomas Hickman ever watched the show.

When Hickman's body was found in March, they originally called it a homicide. The 55-year-old Richland Hills businessman had duct tape over his mouth, and he had been shot in the back of the head.

But as investigators looked closer at the evidence, they changed their minds.

"In both scenarios, a man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a lightweight handgun, and tying that gun to some helium balloons for the purpose of having that gun float away," said Agent Shum. "The reason for that is to make it look as if it's a homicide."

Half a dozen white helium balloons were tangles in a cactus off U.S. Highway 84 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The gun was about 30 feet from Hickman's body and the serial number had been removed.

"We later were able to recover that serial number at our state crime lab, and we found out that Thomas Hickman had bought that gun in January," said Agent Eric Shum, New Mexico State Police.

Agent Schum said investigators' suspicions were further confirmed when they found metal shavings from the gun in Hickman's garage.

That combined with a lot of other evidence helped them solve the case, just like on C.S.I.

Hickman worked as the west Texas operations manager for Red Lobster. Police say his life insurance police would have paid his wife twice as much if his death had been accidental. A family friend said his wife is very upset by these developments.

(© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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