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Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

A box unburied

This is a call for letters. Write me:

949 Magnolia Street
Suite B
Macon, GA 31201-6713

I was going through my stuff, because Mom and Dad may be coming soon. This will be the first time Mom has seen the inside of my apartment, so I want it to look fairly moved-in. I found a box that I have had and been aware of, yet never re-discovered. Adrienne (actually, I think her mom) made it and I kept/keep my letters in it. I threw away all my letters from high school, I think. One should never throw away letters, but I am prone to being a pack rat. All of the letters in this box came in the mail, in envelopes. It reminded me of all the responses I got last time I made a call for letters, my freshman year. I have several from Adam, Jenny Clark (who fell off the face of the planet), a couple from Jesse, and one from Meiya in Iraq. Several from Mom, Dad, Marc, Christmas and birthday cards, and one from Freki, which was the most surprising in its little way. So I'm calling for letters again. Don't tell me you're sending it. Just send it.

You know, I could swear I kept several letters from high school. Those from Adam, Adrienne, and Marc, the most important at the time. I threw away the ones that said nothing significant or from people I don't talk to anymore (many regretfully). They are in a navy blue shoe box. I have no idea where it is.


I think I still have a stash of your college letters, but the high school ones disappeared somewhere along the way...
I wouldn't blame you if they got "lost."
Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

November 2008

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