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Leave Me Alone

Bad Week Blues

I really do need to post more often...

This week was a bad week. When bad stuff wasn't happening, the week wasn't happening, so somehow it went from being Wednesday to Friday without explanation.

I consider the bad week to have started last Friday - last Saturday, actually, around three a.m. when Elijah and I got off from work late (I go over to Papa John's to help him close in attempt to get him home earlier). I went on a few rides with him when he ran out of gas and we switched cars, leaving his at the end of Magnolia Street. We got into a fight right before he got off because he was missing his friend's bachelor party thing and it made him particularly irritable. He went to his car once we got home to get something, then came inside for about twenty minutes, then went back out without telling me where he was going. I was so pissed at that that I sent him a text saying how hurt I was and being snide in general. I didn't get it, but he sent me a text back explaining that he was at his car ... I didn't realize anything was amiss until he came upstairs and said in an amazingly pathetic voice that his car had been broken into and they got EVERYTHING: laptop + bag, camera + film, spare phone, portable CD player, his tattered leather jacket, second wallet with spare license and credit cards, ten unchecked lotto tickets, two cans of tobacco, one bag of corn chips, and a bag of muscadines he had picked for me. What they DIDN'T get was his gun (THANK GOD), which he had on him at the time, any of the stuff in the trunk, and the fifteen carat engagement ring in the glove compartment (because it's jammed and has to be opened a special way).

I was in tears, at the moment taking it harder than he was, because I had been harsh, we were both running on next to no sleep, it had been a stressful night, and we both seem to have a heightened sensitivity to injustice (in general, not just towards us). Not to mention a lot of the stuff on the computer hadn't been backed up (his writing, pictures) and there were a lot of important pictures on the film in the camera, AND that camera was his livelihood (whenever I mention that they took the camera, his friends' jaws drop). Elijah was extra upset because they had been petty, too. They got the muscadines, tobacco, and chips, but they didn't take the camera's tripod, an air tank (to pump his mother's tires), or a two dollar bill.

We're figuring that someone had passed the car in the daylight or someone who knew Elijah vaguely had marked the car or tipped someone off, because there was another car of the same model and colour down on Cherry Street that had been busted into. When he first called the police, the dispatcher thought he was calling in the same bust for a second time, it was that similar. So we're keeping out eyes out (much luck that will do). Fortunately! the cops picked up some fingerprints from the roof of the car, so if anyone is brought in or has been brought in, they can make the connection. At the moment, Elijah just wants the stuff back, especially the camera. He also wants to shoot the man that busted his window, but that's expected. I want him off the street, because he's just one more part of a disease plaguing this city. We're trying a couple of things to catch him, like keeping the Sprint cellphone service, because Sprints don't use SIM cards and the phones can't be transferred without a Sprint store. He's not cancelling his other credit cards yet, either, so we can do some triangulation work. We also had the good news of the window being covered by insurance, as well as the laptop because he has some kinda of credit insurance on his Best Buy card (unfortunately the camera and its super lens was bought with cash...).

So I'm trying to keep my hopes up that all will work out and this guy will get his come-uppance.

Or perhaps he already has ... over nine people have died in Macon this week due to a gang war cause by some coward at a poker game or something. This fact, as well as the break-in, has left me jumpy and paranoid. I'm not too paranoid to walk downtown for the Golden Bough concerts or First Friday, but it's made me extra afraid for my car. I've spoken to three people who have also had their cars busted into downtown (all on Friday nights!), so I'm taking extra precautions to make my car as untempting as possible. I'm also going to try to arrange a Magnolia Street Security force, which is basically an excuse to party where people in the four houses at the end of the street open their porches to guests from eleven to two a.m.

In other news this week, I did not get my electric bill last month thanks to the post man being incompetent and putting it in my neighbour's box. This month I have to pay that, this month's, and the deposit (which will be waived if I pay the months' bills in full). I'm going to call tomorrow and see if that waiver is done by redemption or if I can just exclude it from the check, because if it's not excluded, I can't afford it.

So, all in all, this week has been so stressful. The stress is taking away from sleep and adding to arguments that shouldn't be happening, and making life altogether miserable.

Fortunately, there's King Henry. (If you don't know King Henry, you obviously don't live in Macon.) All that matters at this point is that we are alive. If you have that, you have nothing to complain about.

So I am alive. All is well.


Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

November 2008

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