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I am not a one-trick pony

For you I will not dance and for you I will not prance

5 August 1985
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I try to be friendly, so if you want to, you can add me. I intentionally leave my journal open so that people whom I don't know personally can do this. If you add me, I will add you back, but please tell me that you're adding me, so that I know.

I revel in being busy, or sleeping and dreaming.
Whoever loves summer holiday is a dunce, or easier to entertain than I.

What Breathes Us

Regards to the day, the great long day
that can't be hoarded, good or ill.

What breathes us likely means us well.

We rise up from the earthly root
to seek the blossom of the heart.

What breathes us likely means us well.

We are a voice impelled to tell
where the joining of sound and silence is.

We are te tides, and their witness.

What breathes us likely means us well.
--Berry Spacks

"...the mind's scope embraces but a fragment of society, a few instances of history; it thinks of what has happened, it is unable to imagine what might have happened."
--Abraham Heschel
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