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About time...

...for another update. Sorry I've fallen off the face of the Earth since getting out and on my own, but that's the way it often goes. My job, I've decided, is the retail equivalent of watching paint dry at ten dollars an hour. Fortunately, I'm going on to bigger and brighter things, hopefully. I'm going to revamp my resume tonight, so I can tour around and hand it to principals. I need to get a job by December first so that I can get all the internship stuff cleared away with Mercer. I'm hoping to get placed at Howard High School, which is the new high school and, according to Lyn and Ed, need a few more English teachers.

Class is going brillantly. I'm already done with EVERYTHING, which isn't due until Thanksgiving. Well, almost everything. I have everything down in one form or another, which does not necessarily mean it is in the form it needs to be. The point is is that when it comes time to actually have the assignment done, it will take the minimal effort. The hardest thing will be finding out how to upload it to LiveText.

Elijah and I are soon going to be celebrating six months. I didn't realize this until Lyn said that she and Clifford have their six months' next weeks. "That means that ours' is ... the week after?" It doesn't feel like it. He and I go through phases. Things are tense for a few days, then we have an explosive fight, then it's good for a few weeks. I really want him to meet Brian, so they can feel each other out. Brian's opinion, sad to say, is really important to my relationships. In fact, it was partly because of some things Brian had said that triggered my break-up with Marc. So I want to see how they get along. I speculate that Brian will hate him, simply because they are so much alike personality-wise: Very talented and very obstinant.

I'm not going to renew my lease. I hate my real-estate agency and even though I love my house, there are too many problems that I can't take care of, like ancient, ineffectual appliances, no insulation, and nothing to keep the roaches out. I have until May to find a new place. Before that, it would cose $900 to break my lease.

I think that's just about everything there is to talk about ...


brian? seriously? this is the same person who didn't talk to me for months and them when ross died only wanted to see me because i "might have something interesting to say".
You have a tendency at times to say things that are thrillingly enlightening or just plain funny. Elijah has a tendency to say things that are ... insane. Like that school shootings are a result of brain-washing by Janet Reno and the Clinton Administration in order to abolish the right to bare arms (he doesn't really believe that, but when he first said it, it sure sounded like he did).
Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

November 2008

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