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Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

Job hunting = fail

It is TIME! Time to pursue the long-awaited job of my life, TEACHING. On there are no positions available in Bibb or any of the surrounding counties for a high school English or middle school Language Arts teacher. None. Nada. Zilch. And to add insult to injury, there are five positions open in the metro-Atlanta area: Cobb, Clayton, Fulton, Rockdale, and Douglas.

The problem is, if I leave Macon, it's not like I can take Elijah with me. His free time is restricted to about ... nothing, until he gets a new job. So I am in a proverbial pickle, because I really like my relationship. I have a good thing going down here, so I don't want to run off back to Mom and Dad's like it's easy. I'm going to have to work around both the job problem and the relationship, meaning that I can live in Cobb during the week and Macon on the weekends, or something like that, until the semester is over. How long do you think that will last? I can pull it off, if I really want it.

So... advice?


long-distance relationships suck. but if you know when the distance will end, it's definitely do-able and potentially worth it.


Welcome to true adulthood!! Where every decision is hard, and no matter what you choose, something will inevitably bite you on the ass!

But really, it comes down to what is best for you. Whether it be the relationship or the job. And if both are equally valuable, then I'm sure you'll figure something out.

But just ask several of our mutual friends, long distance never works in the long run.
Lorelei Sylvia Sharpe

November 2008

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